Captive balloon flight

Captive flight allows a large group of people to enjoy a unique aerostatic experience for a few moments, defying the laws of weightlessness.

The principle is simple: moored to the ground by ropes, the balloon rises from 20 to 40 meters in altitude. After a few minutes at the top, the balloon comes down again to change passengers and rises again in the air...

An obstacle-free area (100 x 100 meters) is necessary for the installation of the balloon. The quick installation takes only one ½ hour with a team of 2 people.

Children and adults are welcome to participate in this installation and the crew will answer all questions!

The captive flight can be an unforgettable memory for a family reunion, a wedding, a birthday... 

We can make banners in your image, to be fixed on the envelope or on the nacelle.

During the day it's a fun activity, an opportunity to rise into the air and discover the surroundings.

In the evening the balloon becomes a luminous animation "Nightglow".

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