Our balloons

To ensure that our flights remain user-friendly and that your experience is as unique as it is intense, we provide you with human-sized balloons and baskets with compartments.

Ballon Revolution - Balloon Revolution

Because we do not compromise on safety, we are particularly demanding when it comes to the quality of our equipment. We chose Ultramagic, one of the world's leading and most important balloon manufacturers.

Ballon Revolution - Balloon Revolution


  • Registration: F-HCBR
  • Manufacturer: Ultramagic
  • Model: M-120
  • Volume: 3400 m3
  • Capacity: pilot + 4 passengers
Ballon Plou&Fils - Balloon Revolution

Plou & Fils

  • Registration: F-HEBR
  • Manufacturer: Ultramagic
  • Model: T-210
  • Volume: 6000 m3
  • Capacity: pilot + 8 passengers
Ballon Allouard Kevin - Balloon Revolution

Allouard Kevin

  • Registration: F-HYBR
  • Manufacturer: Ultramagic
  • Model: N-300
  • Volume: 8500 m³
  • Capacity: pilot + 12 passengers
Ballon Bavaria - Balloon Revolution


  • Registration: F-HGBR
  • Manufacturer: Ultramagic
  • Model: 6-160
  • Volume: 4500 m3
  • Capacity: pilot + 6 passengers

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