Just imagine your logo or message on a balloon seen by thousands of people!

Being 30m high and 1000cbm wide, this advertising space is far from discrete, a modern medium with maximum geographical flexibility and a capacity to leave a positive and uplifting impression of your product or corporate image, while conveying values such as freedom, lightness, ecology and authenticity.

We offer special advertising solutions, from simple streamer on the envelope of the balloon to an actual ad balloon fully designed to your specifications.

As an avatar of your company, and for the same investment as a company car, you have in yours hands a communication tool like no other.

We will welcome you aboard your balloon, whether captive or not, your clients and colleagues, strengthening your marketing and public relations.

Balloon Revolution EvenementCiel will work with you to choose the best solutions and manage your project and/or balloon from A to Z.

Performance : At commercial or industrial fairs, marketing events, seminars, for a photo/video/television shoot or report, above locations with high human concentration (beaches, ski resorts, sport events,...).

We also attend balloon championships and meetings.

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