Hot air balloon captive flight

Balloon Revolution EvenementCiel offers to celebrate the major events in your company aboard a captive balloon. The best way to be seen!

To underscore a marketing performance, the launching of a new product, to open new sales points, launch an advertising tour or just to liven up a cocktail party or fundraiser.

A hot air balloon is an exciting tool, noteworthy and surprising.

On a captive flight, the balloon is secured to the ground by ropes, and can lift off to heights of up to 40 meters above your company, making it visible for several kilometres. You can be sure that people will notice you! A balloon is a first-rate way to draw attention. People of your choice will then have the opportunity to enjoy a mini first flight. The impact up there is immediate and intense.

A balloon can be quickly inflated and deflated and it is possible to show it at particular times of day or night in places of your choosing.

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