Hot air balloon flight captive ticket

A unique aerial experience!

A formula intended to please the greatest number of people aboard a balloon by day or by night.

For a wedding or a birthday, every feast is an opportunity to offer your guests an unforgettable souvenir of the special day.

On a captive flight, the balloon is secured to the ground by ropes and can lift off to heights of up to 40 meters, the occasion for numerous people to enjoy a mini first flight.

An unobstructed patch of cleared ground is necessary to set up the balloon.

It takes only half an hour for two people to set up the balloon.
All of your guests are invited to discover an unforgettable and friendly lift off. During the preparation phase, adults and children will have the opportunity to help the crew and enjoy a closer introduction to this activity.

It is a fun and playful activity, an occasion to rise into the air and obtain a different perspective of ones surroundings. At night, the balloon becomes an illuminated activity: something we like to call “the nightglow”.

As an option: we can create streamers with your logo to fasten onto the basket or envelope.


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