How to book your hot air balloon flight ?

Everything is possible online now with BalloonRevolution !
Order, book, receive your tickets ... this is so easy :
follow the steps below and be prepared to lift off ...

1. ORDER :

Choose your ticket, for yourself or to offer someone.
You do not need to define a date right now.

How to pay directly online ?
You can pay directly online by credit card with secured transaction on the Credit Agricole website or by phone, cheque*, bank transfer*, holiday vouchers*.
*please include a copy of your booking form to the payment.

Call the reservation centre :
Still have queries ?
You would rather give your name and address directly by phone ?
We are available 7 days a week from 9.00am to 8.00 pm !
you can call the reservation centre in Amboise
02 47 23 99 63 or 06 07 41 09 78.


Once your payment processed, please contact us to validate the day you chose for your flight.
(if you have received a voucher, you can contact us directly to arrange the day of your flight).

Through e-mail :

Through the reservation centre :
You can call the reservation centre in Amboise
02 47 23 99 63 or 06 07 41 09 78.


By mail : we will send the personal tickets as soon as we receive payment or validation of payment by credit card.

By e-mail : if you prefer, we may immediately send your tickets in PDF file to th e-mail address of your choice !


Balloonrevolution reserves the right to collect the necessary data to take your request into account.

Balloonrevolution will take all the necessary steps to secure the discretion of the data transferred on the web.

Therefore, our website uses a secured payment mode SSL type.
Your data will only be used within the framework of your booking and shall not be transferred to third parties.